We all know what a maelstrom VET compliance can be; at the best of times, we’re navigating through one storm after another.  For years RTOs have been asking for compliance qualifications developed specifically for our sector to help us meet our legislative and regulatory obligations as RTOs.

AICP is all about VET Compliance and Professional Development.   Our vision is an Australian VET sector beyond reproach and devoid of unethical and non-compliant practices.  We also recognise that this can only be achieved through ongoing training, education, learning and collaboration.

Our mission is to empower VET Compliance Practitioners with the required knowledge, skills and expertise to excel at their jobs, without any fear or apprehension of the outcome of a regulatory audit.

Through our training and delivery of these RTO Compliance-specific courses, AICP ensures that no RTO has any reason to be vulnerable to any regulatory sanctions unless a conscious decision has been made not to invest in the ongoing learning of their compliance team members.

AICP will ensure that affordable learning is available to all VET Compliance Practitioners. This will be achieved by offering training in nationally accredited VET compliance qualifications, ongoing professional development and collaborative learning.

We will empower all VET Compliance Practitioners with the required knowledge and skills no RTO can afford for their compliance team members not to have.

Because knowledge is power.

Australian Institute of Compliance Professionals Pty Ltd (RTO 45499)
ABN: 74 610 912 180